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MPP Randy Hillier hosts tower’s meeting

 Perth, Ontario June 3, 2011

Follow this link to see the Tower’s Meeting in Perth on June 3, 2011.

Perth Meeting June 3, 2011

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Ontario Federation of Independent Towers

“True Self-Government is 100% for towers, by towers”


A responsible, self-governed body of towing professionals dedicated to public safety, consumer protection and fair competition.


To improve the safety of our roads and the confidence of consumers through the responsible recognition, gathering and organization of the individual autonomies of towers into a unified governing force.


The Ontario Federation of Independent Towers is committed to:

  1. Public Safety
  2. Consumer Protection
  3. Fair Competition
  4. True Self-Government of our industry
  5. The health, safety and prosperity of towers and their families


Strategic Objectives

  1. Trade Certification
  2. Develop and implement a representative government structure with a strong constitution, bylaws and voluntary code.
  3. Be the Association of Choice.
  4. Ensure commitment to accountability at all levels of the organization.
  5. Integration of the organization both vertically to national and local levels, as well as horizontally with other provincial groups.

 Fellow Towers;

If you are a tower who believes in your industry, and the value of your right to govern your own affairs within a professionally established voluntary structure then please;

  1. Circulate this petition to the Ontario Legislature to STOP BILL 147.
  2. Write your local MPP and ask them to STOP BILL 147.
  3. Register and share your ideas with us here and on tow 411.
  4. Volunteer with OFIT as a member for a committee or a board.
  5. Share the idea with as many towers as you can.
  6. Watch this website closely for upcoming developments.

Download Petition

True Self Government


autonomy / [aw-ton-uh-mee]


1. Independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions: the autonomy of the individual.

2. The condition of being autonomous; self-government, or the right of self-government; independence: The rebels demanded autonomy from Spain.

3. A self-governing community.

civil rights
pl noun
1. the personal rights of the individual citizen, in most countries upheld by law, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
2. ( modifier ) of, relating to, or promoting equality in social, economic, and political rights
1. a benefit, immunity, etc, granted under certain conditions
2. the advantages and immunities enjoyed by a small usually powerful group or class, especially  to the disadvantage of others: one of the obstacles to social harmony is privilege


Please do not let them trade away YOUR RIGHTS to earn a living and set your own prices as a condition to the creation of a small, exclusive, powerful group to govern you and control your rights as privileges.

The right to self-government already belongs to each and every one of us. There is no need to trade it away and have it returned to us as a privilege. We need only to recognize it, collect it and develop it ourselves.

YOUR RIGHTS are afforded to you by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They cannot be taken from you.

If you trade YOUR RIGHTS away, however, for something like privilege, you can never get them back.

 It is important to realize here that the privilege to set your prices (your former right that you traded away) will belong to the board members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, to be taken or given at their will, not yours or any towers.

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Trade Certification

The True Measure of a Professional !


How would you train the towers of the future?

How do you train towers today, and how were you trained?

Do you believe that professional recognition, like Trade Certification with the College of Trades will lead to a better, more prosperous industry for everyone?

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